Working in agriculture we see the impact of climate change first hand. Quite simply it takes alot of water to create a little bit of coffee. And that is something we are trying to change. The impact of water availability barelling our region into more water scarcity as well as the droughts which has become even more regular now than ever. We are working across the Horn of Africa to both create and support innovations in water conservation. Follow our social media pages for on the ground updates. 

Visibility project.


From the start of this project we found that our home , The Horn of Africa, is not recognized enough thus leading to our campaigning and work to increase representation and include the Horn of Africa in the climate discourse. This has led us all across the world where our focus has been to highlight, inspire and include voices, especially the intersection between farmer and youth. This part of our story is still ever evolving so please check in for some exciting updates coming soon.